Adult Outpatient Services

The adult outpatient team at LifeLinks focuses on assessment and intervention services using a short-term solution focused therapy model. Solution focused brief therapy is a type of talk therapy. It focuses on what consumers want to achieve through therapy rather than on the problem(s) that made them seek help.   Typically, we focus on identifying issues or major concerns, problem-solving, and providing support to help you develop strategies to address your personal goals.  Our aim is to help you cope with stressful situations that arise so that you can function successfully.

The length of counseling varies, and the number and frequency of sessions are determined by each consumer’s unique situation.  Some problems can be addressed in one or two sessions, while others need a number of sessions spaced over a period of time.

Partner Abuse Intervention Program – RAP (Rehabilitating Abusers Program)

The RAP program is for individuals who use physical, emotional, sexual and economic abuse to control the life of and maintain power over an intimate partner. Individuals are court ordered to attend this Partner Abuse Intervention Program.

RAP provides weekly group sessions that participants must attend to complete the program which includes:

  • Education about the causes and forms of domestic violence.
  • Development of skills for handling conflict situations.
  • Promotion of attitudes that are associated with non-abusive behavior and challenge attitudes that are associated with abusive behavior.
  • Responsibility taking for actions, nonviolent and non-aggressive ways of communicating; and positive, healthy, nurturing, and non-abusive parenting.

In addition to groups, participants receive a comprehensive assessment to determine the need for other services, i.e. substance abuse or mental health treatment.

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