Individual Placement & Support

Kristen PierceThe Individual Placement & Support (IPS) program is a supported employment service that helps consumers in community mental health services become part of the competitive labor market. Research has shown that people who obtain employment through IPS services have improved self-esteem, improved quality of life, and experience reduced symptoms.

Upon entering the program, the consumer will meet with LifeLinks’ employment specialist to complete a vocational assessment. The assessment addresses personal preferences, strengths, and employment goals. Afterwards, an individualized job search plan is created for the consumer to assist them in finding a job of his or her choosing.

The employment specialist then continues to provide support to the consumer even after employment has been obtained. Additional services offered through the program include assistance with writing resumes and cover letters, practicing interviewing skills, problem solving obstacles to working (i.e. lack of transportation, legal history, etc.) and the opportunity to attend a work-related support group.

For more information, consumers can call LifeLinks at (217) 238-5701 and ask to speak to our IPS Employment Specialists.

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