Our Services

LifeLinks is a dynamic, community based agency offering you help in dealing with your problems. LifeLinks makes services for families and individuals simple, convenient and affordable.

It doesn’t always happen quickly. But it does happen. Couples growing apart can grow together again. Lives once wasted can be restored. Old habits can change. Deep wounds can heal. Life can get better.

At LifeLinks we believe that recovery from mental health problems is possible as consumers become empowered to achieve a meaningful life and a positive sense of belonging in the community. We also believe that:

  • recovery is a process that is unique to each consumer
  • hope is important to the recovery process
  • services should be determined by the needs of the consumer

Adult Outpatient

In a comfortable setting where growth and openness are encouraged, we provide a full-range of confidential counseling for adult emotional problems. From private, personal issues to those that affect your spouse, your family and others, our caring staff will work with you to help find solutions.

For those adults with serious and persistent mental illness (bipolar disorder, major depression or schizophrenia) community support services are available.

Child/Adolescent Services

Children and adolescents face a lot of tough challenges in the course of their emotional development. To make the transition easier, we work with the whole family, keeping communication open and helping parents learn effective parenting skills they can use at home. Our skilled team is also prepared to help with special counseling concerns, such as childhood loss, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and learning and behavior problems.

LifeLinks Mental Health
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